• SelfKey and AltSignals are two AI-powered platforms that investors are using to diversify their crypto portfolios.
• AltSignals has a patented trading indicator tool called AltAlgo™, which scans markets 24/7 and provides real-time insights with an impressive success rate of 64%.
• The new AI stack ActualizeAI will allow token holders to gain access to governance voting rights, early access to lucrative private presale events, online trading tournaments, etc.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an AI crypto platform launched in 2017 that provides market-leading trading signals for its community of over 50,000 members. Its patented AltAlgo™ trading indicator tool scans markets 24/7 for real-time insights and has a 64% success rate. The project recently released its own AI token (ASI) and is developing the new AI stack ActualizeAI which will leverage machine learning, NLP and predictive modeling technologies to drive the success rate up to 80%. The ASI token can be purchased during the presale event at a low price of $0.015 per unit.

How Does AltSignals Work?

AltSignals’s new stack ActualizeAI will utilize the power of AI technology to enhance existing algorithms and provide users with an optimal trading experience. In addition, possessing ASI tokens gives users lifetime access to ActualizeAI outputs if they have more than 50,000 tokens. All token holders can join VIP clubs which offer exclusive benefits such as governance voting rights, early access to private presale events and entry into online trading tournaments.

Can SelfKey Compete With AltSignal?

SelfKey also utilizes AI technology but it remains unknown whether or not it can compete with the established track record of AltSignal’s success rate or its upcoming ActualizeAI stack launch. As such it is difficult at this time to predict whether or not SelfKey could attain 10x returns in 2023 like its rival platform although both projects certainly hold promise as powerful AI cryptos begin taking shape in the market place.

Which Crypto Could 10x in 2023?

It is too soon to tell which cryptocurrency could reach 10x returns in 2023 due both projects holding potential but with different focuses on how they use AI technology within their systems; making predictions difficult before further developments take place on either platform over the coming year(s). It may be that one project takes off as a result of its pioneering efforts while another may struggle against competition from other similar platforms entering the space – only time will tell!


In conclusion, both SelfKey and AltSignal are leveraging cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies within their platforms; however it remains uncertain which one will generate superior returns or even attain 10x by 2023 due both having unique focuses on how they integrate such tech into their respective projects currently under development. Investors should therefore monitor progress closely over the coming year(s) before deciding which one presents them with better long term prospects for investment.