• Polygon Labs has partnered with Meroku Protocol V2, an advanced DApp toolkit across prominent blockchains.
• This collaboration allows Polygon to integrate Meroku’s features, offer blockchain flexibility, and enhance DApp adoption.
• Meroku Protocol V2 provides diverse resources for DApp creators including intelligent contract templates, code validation, security assessments, governance modules, and analytical tools.

Polygon Labs Partners with Meroku Protocol V2

Polygon Labs has announced a significant collaboration with Meroku Protocol V2, an advanced toolkit for creating and launching decentralized applications (DApps) across various blockchains. This partnership enables Polygon Labs to incorporate the capabilities and features of Meroku Protocol V2 into its own DApp store toolkit which is designed to deliver a smooth and intuitive experience for developers and end-users of DApps.

Meroku Offers Versatile Toolkit

Meroku Protocol V2 is a versatile DApp store toolkit operating across multiple prominent blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana etc. It provides diverse resources for DApp creators including intelligent contract templates, code validation, security assessments, governance modules as well as analytical tools. By utilizing Meroku’s technological capabilities , Polygon Labs will empower users of its DApp store toolkit with increased choices in selecting their desired blockchain platforms . Additionally , users will gain access to a broader network of DApp enthusiasts and communities , enhancing the overall reach and impact of their DApps.

Synthetic Assets on Offer

Meroku Protocol V2 empowers individuals to generate , trade , and redeem synthetic assets without the involvement of intermediaries , centralized exchanges or custodians . Synthetic assets represent tokens that mirror the value of underlying assets like stocks , commodities , currencies or other cryptocurrencies . The protocol comprises three components namely – The MRK Token (MRK), The Meroku Vault & The Meroku Exchange . The MRK token operates as an incentive mechanism driving user engagement on the platform while The Merku Vault facilitates secure storage & transfer of digital assets within the protocol . Lastly , The Merku Exchange enables peer-to-peer trading between different types of synthetic assets using Merge Order Books & smart contracts .

MATIC Price Movement

The MATIC token has recently seen a surge in price following this announcement from around $4 USD to almost $7 USD on August 12th after reaching an all time high in July 2020 at nearly $10 USD per token prior to the announcement . As more people start using & developing applications on both Ethereum & MATIC networks due to this partnership between Polkadot & MATIC there is potential that we may see similar price movement over time leading up to new all-time highs being set by the coin once again in 2023 .


The collaboration between Polygon Labs & MeroKu Protocol should bring about great progress in terms of innovation in technology through its removal of traditional app stores walled garden approach thus allowing crypto payments while also providing developers access to wider network communities thus increasing overall adoption rates significantly .