• Hong Kong is launching a stablecoin pegged to the region’s dollar in order to compete with popular existing ones and challenge US dollar dominance.
• The proposal for the HKDG was made by several financial innovators, including four individuals.
• Benefits of this new digital currency include openness, stability, security, cross-border liquidity and facilitating financial innovation.

Hong Kong Launching Stablecoin

The Hong Kong government has announced its plans to launch a stablecoin pegged to its local currency in a bid to compete with popular existing stablecoins like USDT and USDC as well as challenge the US dollar’s dominance. This comes after numerous calls from financial innovators who proposed an alternative digital currency called HKDG (Hong Kong Dollar Government).

Advocates of the HKDG

The proposal for the HKDG was led by four individuals, namely Wang Yang (vice president for institutional advancement at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Cai Wensheng (founder of smartphone software firm Meitu), Lei Zhibin (an honorary chair of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association) and Wen Yizhou (doctoral student who co-authored the paper). These advocates believe that introducing HKDG could provide liquidity for government projects, bridge gaps in current payment systems, reduce transaction costs and strengthen Hong Kong’s fintech capabilities.

Benefits of Stablecoin

The benefits associated with this new digital currency are significant. It provides openness, stability, security and cross border liquidity that can facilitate financial innovations. Additionally, it can help solidify leadership in the crypto/blockchain sector while also providing an alternative to US Dollar dominance. Furthermore, it could have potential advantages such as improved monitoring/risk assessment capabilities when compared with other traditional payment systems currently available in markets today.

Impact on Foreign Exchange Reserves

According to reports , foreign exchange reserves were reported at $430 billion as of March 2023 which is more than combined market capitalization of USDT & USDC . Therefore issuing a stablecoin backed by SAR [special administrative region]government would not only increase credibility but also reduce risk on transactions within country borders or overseas trading partners significantly.


In conclusion, issuing a stablecoin pegged to the Hong Kong dollar would be beneficial for both citizens and businesses alike offering efficient transactions while ensuring safety & security across global borders & jurisdictions thereby increasing trustworthiness & reliability among users worldwide which is needed for any digital economy ecosystem to thrive