Facebook does not let go – Unveiled by Facebook on June 18, 2019, Libra was a “private” cryptocurrency that flopped. However, the social network does not seem to have given up. Eh yes ! It is a new version of Libra that he plans to launch today.

The beginnings of an ambitious project

As a reminder, Profit Revolution wanted to revolutionize the transfer of money in the world, by positioning Facebook as a pioneer in this area.

At first, its eponymous token was to be designed like other cryptocurrencies, but was supposed to be less volatile and speculative . Subsequently, a dedicated blockchain was to be developed to verify transactions and manage the issuance of these tokens .

Facebook Libra

Virtual currency also had to be backed by a basket of multiple currencies, in order to issue a form of “synthetic” monetary asset. Likewise, Libra had convinced several major players, such as Mastercard, Visa and PayPal.

So a real craze, even pushing Minister Bruno Le Maire to speak on the subject at the time:

“We cannot allow its development on European soil. “

Bruno Le Maire, during a conference at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
However, this interest was only short-lived . Some had even thought of giving up. Today, the Libra project seems to continue on its way with, this time a few corrections.

The return of the prodigal son?

In an article published on November 26, the Financial Times revealed that the Geneva-based Libra group was on the verge of issuing a single digital currency pegged to the dollar . Facebook’s ambitions would therefore be revised downwards, with a less ambitious project. Indeed, Libra was initially to be indexed on several currencies, in particular the euro, the pound sterling, but also possibly the yuan.

Also according to the FT, this new Libra could see the light of day in January 2021 , with a more restricted beta version . Only after that it could be pegged to several other fiats currencies – maybe, who knows .