• Chainwire launched the inaugural ETHTLV to invigorate Israel’s startup community and establish a foothold in the global web3 scene.
• Attendees of the week-long series will learn from industry leaders such as ConsenSys, Fireblocks, StarkWare and Collider.
• Events will include keynotes, workshops, panel discussions and community side-events like StarkwareSessions, Building Blocks by Collider and a MetaMask developer workshop.

Chainwire Launches Inaugural ETHTLV

Chainwire has announced the launch of its first annual ETHTLV event, which will run from February 1 to 9 in Tel Aviv. The event aims to invigorate Israel’s startup community and discuss steps web3 must take to onboard the next billion users.

Who Will Attend?

The week-long series will be attended by some of the most successful web3 businesses including ConsenSys, Fireblocks, StarkWare and Collider. Serial entrepreneurs who have forged businesses in this space will also be present to share their knowledge and experience with attendees.

Events During ETHTLV

ETHTLV features an action-packed schedule of events that includes keynotes, workshops, panel discussions complemented by more than a dozen community-led side events. From February 5 to 6, StarkwareSessions will be focused around the L2 scalability network while on February 7 Building Blocks by Collider, Fireblocks and MarketAcross will share expertise from entrepreneurs who have successfully built products in web3. Finally MetaMask is hosting a hands-on developer workshop on February 8th.

Reaction From Industry Leaders

Dror Avieli VP of Customer Success at ConsenSys said: “We are excited to be part of the EthTLV week. Tel Aviv has a vibrant and innovative tech environment,“ He added: „We are looking forward to meeting some of the most creative developers and progressive technologists who can help us build the next generation of Web3 dapps and solutions.“ Idan Ofrat from Fireblocks said: “Without a doubt, Israel has some of the greatest tech talents in the world.“


This inaugural event promises to bring together experts from across different fields within Web3 technology for an exciting week full learning opportunities as well as networking with leading industry players